Combine the powerful access control of an electronic escutcheon with the intelligence and superior of an electromechanical mortise lock. Use with a wide variety of handles, RFID technology or SMARTair management system.

i-volution, the SMARTair Lock is built for doors with high daily traffic and a large number of access events. It is perfect where the familiar, convenient features of an electromechanical lock are required, including door position monitoring

Part of the SMARTair wireless access control product range, the device incorporates:

  • an external reader with LED, available in several colours;
  • the internal control and battery-powered RF module; and
  • the battery-powered electromechanical mortise lock. 

These three principal components are supplied together. You may choose any DIN-compliant handle to operate your new lock. 

The lock includes sensors which monitor and report when a door is left open or closed incorrectly, or when an attempted intrusion is detected. You can install an additional mechanical cylinder (optional), to unlock the door quickly and manually in any emergency. If you do, i-volution sensors also register any locking/unlocking event via mechanical key. 

The new lock works seamlessly with every SMARTair management option: Standalone, Update-on-Card, Wireless Online and Openow and and mobile access control solutions such as Openow and the TESA SMARTair Remote app. 

With its robust design and attack resistance, the SMARTair i-volution is built for universities, schools, hospitals and residential care homes; offices or co-working spaces; residence blocks and apartments; and public buildings like town halls, sports centres and libraries. 

SMARTair i-volution at a glance:

  • The most advanced technology
  • Smartphone opening
  • Careful minimalistic design
  • Secure encrypted communications 
  • Total wireless online control
  • Collect events stored on the locks
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Access modification without lock updating
  • New user registration without lock updating
  • Express card cancellation