What finish is recommended for extreme climate conditions?

TESA HOTEL offers highly resistant finishes for the most demanding weather conditions. Our chrome, stainless steel and PVD finishes are the ones that provide the best resistance to extreme environmental conditions, both in tropical countries (in which temperature and humidity rates are usually high) and in places with sharp temperature differences between day and night. PVD treatments are external coatings that provide the locks with extreme solidity, ensuring that the finish remains unaltered for at least ten years. It can resist UV rays, aggressive cleaning products, scratches (as produced, for example, by rings), etc. The PVD treatment will make your locks shine just like the first day of its life cycle.

How many openings can be registered in the locks?

TESA HOTEL locks, readers and electronic cylinders can register up to 1,000 openings or opening attempts in their non-volatile memories.

Why the handle does turns freely when the door is closed? What advantage does it take?

In TESA HOTEL locks, the external handle spins free when the clutch is not activated. This prevents the lock from being forced open, since a rigid handle may be used as a lever and be tampered with, which may damage the device. Our free-spin external handles manage to avoid this.

How can I improve the security of the rooms in order to prevent break-ins from happening?

If you wish to install a high-security lock, TESA HOTEL provides the automatic lever projection lock. Every time the door of the room is closed, the 20mm security lever is automatically projected – the customer does not need to take any further measures, with a safe locking guaranteed both when the customer is inside the room and when he/she has left.

Is it possible to mount electronic locks on armoured doors?

Yes: the DONNA and SPY locks, as well as our electronic proximity cylinders, may be mounted on armoured doors with multipoint security locks. This is very useful for rented apartments.

What is the most suitable lock for a rustic door?

In this case, our electronic cylinders provide the ideal solution, since they allow removing the existing mechanical cylinder by merely replacing one screw. No need to perform any drillings or casings, which keeps the door untouched.

May I renovate the existing electronic locks in my hotel with a low budget?

Yes, with TESA HOTEL it is possible to replace only the external side of the lock, keeping the internal side and the original mechanics, which is the purpose of the ‘Plan Renove’. This allows hotel owners to reduce costs significantly.

When must I replace the battery in the locks? May I lose data in case the battery is all used up?

Before the battery is completely used up, when magnetic stripe cards are inserted or when the proximity credential of the hotel staff is close to the lock, it alerts the user with flickering red and green LEDs, which means that battery replacement is due. In wireless reading and writing systems, low battery alerts will appear directly in the software. Data do not get lost, since these locks feature non-volatile memory.


Which operating systems do I need in order to install the TESA HOTEL software?

The TESA-HOTEL software is compatible with various versions of the Windows Operating System.

Which PMSs is the TESA-HOTEL software compatible with?

At TESA we have developed the PMS-server software, which can be interfaced with most PMS software applications available in the market. This allows the customer to easily integrate the TESA-HOTEL software in his/her management system.

How many locks and users can be managed?

With the TESA-HOTEL software it is possible to manage up to 64,000 locks and users.


Is it possible to mount TESA locks on RF doors?

All TESA locks have been certified with 30, 60 and 90-minute fire-resistance certifications.

Do you have any solutions for lifts and parking lots?

Yes – the most suitable solution would be magnetic-stripe and proximity wall readers, which can be mounted with electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, etc., being perfectly adapted to all kinds of weather conditions. In the case of lifts, readers can be plugged into relay plates capable of managing up to 40 premises.

Do you offer any solution for lifts and park places?

Yes, the right solution would be the wall readers of magnetic card and contact-less card which can be installed with electronic or electromagnetic locks, etc. and they adapt perfectly to every type of weather.

May I install online locks?

Yes, TESA HOTEL has its own online wireless system. Not only do we have a real-time monitored electronic lock system, but also the locks are totally autonomous, battery-powered, with no need of wiring. Locks communicate with the PCs in the reception desk, where the management system is being executed, via the wireless hubs. This way, monitoring is complete and locks may be remotely opened, locked, left in pass-through mode and blocked; users can be deleted from them, shifts can be changed, etc. It is also possible to know whether they are open or locked, whether the battery is low, to receive alerts via e-mail or to monitor all related events in real time.

Management equipment

Can the data of the customer be registered by the ID reader itself?

Yes, the identity document reader of the client can be downloaded from the software, and the document reader Ibox250 allows to collect the ID information from the own reader. This allows the hotelier to use the PC for other applications when it is time to register the data of the clients.

How long takes the wall reader to read those documents?

The wall reader lasts just 1 second to collect the data.

What type of identity documents can be captured thanks to the ICAP?

The ICAP is able to read identity documents of more than 70 countries. You can find among them IDs, driving licenses, residence licenses, etc. Moreover, every document having ICAO information will be read.

What is ICAO?

It is a Standard code coming from the abbreviation International Civil Aviation Organization. It can be found in the bottom of the documents: >>>ID>>PEPE>>TURES>SOLER>>>342342

Is it sufficient to read the ICAO?

The ICAO has much information but it is insufficient. The ICAO does not have the data such as the expedition date of the document, which is demanded by the Authority for the police record, nor does the information such as the address. This is why the ICAP registers this data among the ICAO information when it is available.

Do you share the managing software with different PCs from the front desk?

Yes, you can share the TESA-HOTEL software in different terminals, and it even allows changing the closing plan data without the need to close the application

What kind of identity card can be captured by the ICAP?

Every ICAO fields in addition to the fields (address, dates of expedition, etc.) of the main identity documents from the different countries in the world.

TESA-HOTEL VS wired access control

What do I need to install in order to have networked access control in my new door?

Several expensive modules:

···· The reading module.
···· The control unit.
···· The electric jamming device.
···· The power supply.

TESA-HOTEL is an integral solution – 2 electronic handles are enough to integrate everything!

It wires every module and also the lock.

TESA-HOTEL is wireless!

How do I install a networked access control on an existing door?

1. It wires the door to the jamming device.

···· If it is a firebreak door, it will lose its certificate.
···· The door needs to be dismantled > The whole security would be lost
···· Change of the existing lock.
···· Expensive.

TESA-HOTEL is installed on standard locks previously mounted on the door – no wiring required!

2. It wires the wall to the wall reader.

···· Sometimes the wiring cannot be hidden.
···· Expensive.

TESA-HOTEL includes the reader!

3. It installs and connects the control unit.

···· Sometimes the wiring cannot be hidden.

TESA-HOTEL contains every electronic and jamming device… inside!

4. It connects every device.

In order to install TESA-HOTEL, all you have to do is mount the electronic lock on your door.

What happens when communication is lost or the power supply is turned off?

···· The door is jammed or freed up. Control is lost.

With TESA-HOTEL, every door operates on Offline mode, independently from the communication with the central database. TESA-HOTEL provides the chance to mount a mechanical cylinder in order to open it in case of emergency, or if it runs out of batteries.

TESA-HOTEL VS mechanical key system

What happens when a key in the installation is lost?

Security is lost:

…. The lost key can still open the door.

With TESA-HOTEL the lost card can be deleted from the system by merely coding a new card.

…. Keys can be duplicated.

TESA-HOTEL uses encrypted cards.

 …. If the master key is lost, the security of the whole system will be affected.

With the TESA-HOTEL system, the new card cancels the previous one, even if it is not the master card.

…. The security and technology of mechanical cylinders are well known among manufacturers and locksmiths.

TESA-HOTEL’s technology, coding and design have been patented.

The installation needs a new exclusive key.

…. Now the installation depends on the provider’s manufacturing time.

With TESA-HOTEL you can do it yourself – no need to wait or replace your hardware. TESA-HOTEL operates with standard cards available in the market.

What happens when a new user must be added?

The installation needs a new exclusive key.

…. Unless it is a copy of an existing key, it might be IMPOSSIBLE to manufacture an exclusive key for a new user with limited combinations.

TESA-HOTEL accepts 65,000 users per installation.

…. And not only that ¬– users are forced to carry several sets of keys.

With TESA-HOTEL, users only need one single card compatible with other equipments such as vending…

…. The mounting only depends on the supplier’s manufacturing time.

With TESA-HOTEL you can do it yourself.

What happens in case there is a new door?

 The installation needs a new exclusive key.

…. Unless it is a copy of an existing key, it might be IMPOSSIBLE to manufacture an exclusive key for a new user with limited combinations.

TESA-HOTEL accepts 65,000 users per installation.

…. And not only that ¬– users are forced to carry several sets of keys.

TESA-HOTEL allows the user to open a new door with existing cards.

What happens when there are changes in one of the users’ opening privileges?

In case of management issues, a new card is needed.

With TESA-HOTEL, the previous card is needed.