Security is lost:

…. The lost key can still open the door.

With TESA-HOTEL the lost card can be deleted from the system by merely coding a new card.

…. Keys can be duplicated.

TESA-HOTEL uses encrypted cards.

 …. If the master key is lost, the security of the whole system will be affected.

With the TESA-HOTEL system, the new card cancels the previous one, even if it is not the master card.

…. The security and technology of mechanical cylinders are well known among manufacturers and locksmiths.

TESA-HOTEL’s technology, coding and design have been patented.

The installation needs a new exclusive key.

…. Now the installation depends on the provider’s manufacturing time.

With TESA-HOTEL you can do it yourself – no need to wait or replace your hardware. TESA-HOTEL operates with standard cards available in the market.