1. It wires the door to the jamming device.

···· If it is a firebreak door, it will lose its certificate.
···· The door needs to be dismantled > The whole security would be lost
···· Change of the existing lock.
···· Expensive.

TESA-HOTEL is installed on standard locks previously mounted on the door – no wiring required!

2. It wires the wall to the wall reader.

···· Sometimes the wiring cannot be hidden.
···· Expensive.

TESA-HOTEL includes the reader!

3. It installs and connects the control unit.

···· Sometimes the wiring cannot be hidden.

TESA-HOTEL contains every electronic and jamming device… inside!

4. It connects every device.

In order to install TESA-HOTEL, all you have to do is mount the electronic lock on your door.