Wall readers

The Wall readers from TESA Hotel, provides security to every access and perimetral doors, in any hotel installation. It is the ideal complement when it is not possible to install an electronic lock or to activate other electromechanical opening system (parking door, elevator, etc.). The wall reader activates a relay to open the access. Available in different formats technologies and finishes.

Main features:

  • Non volatile memory: save last 1000 events

  • Up to 1500 users per reader

  • Available for all the technologies: proximity RFID unde ISO-15693 e ISO-14443 A Mifare Classic, Desfire and Class standards. Compatible with Tesa Hotel Read and Writte function, smartphone opening (Tesa Hotel app and Openow) and magnetic stripe

  • Different operating modes: Offline and wireless online

  • Available with 1, 2 or 8 relay board to install in elevators


Spy Wall reader: Wall reader with same features tan an electronic lock (user identification, timetables, save all the events, etc.)

Spy Wall reader with keypad: Wall reader with keypad, allows identification only with card, only with code or double security (card +code). Exclusive PINs for each user. Same features tan an electronic lock.

Lector Mural Spy Design: lector mural de proximidad con diseño minimalista, en formato estrecho, con la misma estética que las cerraduras Spy Design. Apropiado para perfiles estrechos o metálicos

Magnetc stripe Donna Wall reader: Wall reader for magnetic cards, same aesthetics than Donna electronic locks for hotels.