Donna Proximity

Donna TESA Hotel
Donna TESA Hotel
Donna TESA Hotel
Donna TESA Hotel

Donna Proximity, with all the advantages of the Proximity RFID lock in the Donna classic format. Predominates the installation of an advanced access control keeping classic aesthetics and robustness.

Main features:

  • All the advantages of the proximity lock that avoids mechanical wearingand a maintainability caused by standard magnetic cards.

  • Lock save in memory 1000 events (opening, user cancelled, locking plan update, battery state, renewal of cards, etc.).

  • Reading and Writing Locks (R/W): collecting of events, card cancellation,updating of the locking plan, battery level, etc. with no need to use a portable programmer, using only the card or any credential

  • RFID credential used to open the door can have different formats: card, keyring, bracelet, etc.

  • Wide range of handles and finishes

  • Optional design: customizable with hotel chain logo

  • EXTREME option: for extreme weather conditionsvi