RESA Colegio Mayor Santa María Del Estudiante (Madrid)

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TESA has also installed its electronic locks in RESA’s student halls – a whole new concept for academic life. RESA owns more than 8,000 vacations in 32 halls distributed all over Spain.

During the summer, these lodgings for students open their doors to all kinds of visitors (holiday, summer courses, etc.). RESA has trusted the security of the rooms to TESA, having recently reopened the Nuevo Colegio Mayor Santa María del Estudiante in Madrid and installing TESA’s SPY Wireless electronic lock model. Thanks to TESA’s energy savers, they also monitor and save more than 40% of the energy expenses in the rooms. SPY Wireless locks allow RESA to fully monitor the rooms, knowing at all times what takes place in every lock and even being able to open locks from the TESA app installed in a smartphone.