The challenge:

Student residence with high traffic of people.

RESA, Residence Halls, has more than 11000 rooms in 40 university residences throughout Spain. RESA offers different kind of accommodation during the course and summer, so they need flexibility and security when managing access to rooms and common areas.

In addition, in this type of large facility with so many rooms, it is essential to control energy consumption in the facility with the aim of reducing costs associated with electricity consumption when students are not in them.

The challenge was the installation of an access control solution that will provide flexibility, security and energy control.

The solution:

TESA Hotel Spy Wireless electronic locks and energy savers

The installation of Spy Wireless electronic locks was carried out in both rooms and common areas. These locks combined with the Wireless system provide RESA with total control of its rooms, knowing at all times what is happening in its locks, being able to even open the locks from the TESA Hotel app installed on a smartphone.

In addition, energy savers were also installed in the rooms, which have helped to control and save more than 40% of the energy consumption within each of the rooms.

"Thanks to the TESA Hotel solution we now have total control knowing at all times what happens in each lock, and we have also managed to save 40% on energy expenditure in the rooms"

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