S1 SECU COMPACT armoured door

Armoured door Compact design.


  • Metal subframe. (Optional)
  • Steel frame covered in natural wood (optionally lacquered).
  • Leaf consisting of welded and reinforced steel structure.
  • Can be panelled with different types of panel.
  • Lacquered steel edging strip.
  • High security multi-point lock with 5 locking points with 18 mm bolts.
  • Anti-bumping cylinder and key with certified ownership that cannot be copied.
  • High security escutcheon.
  • Adjustable reinforced strike.
  • 3 concealed hinges adjustable in 3 dimensions.
  • 6 anti-leverage bolts.
  • Automatic draft stopper.
  • Rock wool for thermal insulation. (Optional)
  • Intumescent seal. (Optional)