S1 double armoured door

The S1 double armoured door is an armoured door for the construction market and its main characteristic is that unlike most of the existing doors to access residences on the market, which have a single leaf, it is made up of two leaves for access to larger homes.

Main features:

  • The door opens from the outside by inserting the key and unlocking the five-point lock.
  • On the inside, it is opened by operating the handle or the anti-bumping security cylinder T80.
  • The passive door (the leaf without handle) can be unlocked from the inside by operating a thumb turn cylinder.
  • Panels of different finishes can be added for its decoration.
  • Suitable as a main entrance door.
  • Institutional market.
  • Possibility of installing directly against a partition wall or inside a wooden frame.
  • Leaf consisting of welded and reinforced steel structure.
  • Painted overlapping steel edging strips.
  • High security escutcheon.
  • Adjustable reinforced strike.
  • Security hinges adjustable for each leaf.
  • 6 anti-leverage bolts per leaf.
  • Automatic draft stopper.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options.