2UB0F lock

»  Mortise lock for wooden doors.
»  Conforms to the UNE-EN 12209 standard. EC-certified.
»  Reversible, silent latch in sintered steel. Profile of the latch: 17 mm (extra-security).
»  Distance between shafts: 85 mm.
»  Backsets: 60/70 mm.
»  By default, they include a panic exit function allowing for permanent free passage from the inside. With a double follower rod, an external protection device for the rod is installed in order to prevent the handle from being operated.
»  Steel follower rod: 8mm. Deadbolt follower rod: 6 mm
»  Optional round shape 1/2.
»  Closed body, which prevents shavings from entering at the time of installation.
»  TE-5 Europrofile cylinder with nickel steel keys. LP and HL finishes: cylinder’s finish in brass. HN, AI and NE finishes: cylinder’s finish in nickel.
»  Packaging in boxes of 1/20 units.