Euro profile half cylinder eCLIQ

Half cylinders are frequently used when doors and gates are locked on one side only (e.g. garage doors, basement and shed doors). However, they are also used in lifts, alarm systems, and other ancillary safety systems (for example, lockable window handles).

Product description:

  • It allows the unlocking of European profile locks with an eCLIQ key.
  • Electronic cylinder WITHOUT batteries.
  • Power to the chip and motor is provided by the key, which does have a battery.
  • Same dimensions as the mechanical cylinder.
  • Modular cylinder. Allows changes in measurements.
  • Valid for potentially explosive environments.
  • Optional: Special anti-drilling version, with 6 pins and hard metal disc.
  • IP54 without dust and rain protection and IP55 with protection against dust and rain.
  • Sate-of-the-art ASSA ABLOY chip.
  • Encryption of communication between the key and cylinder: AES 128 bits.
  • Chip with integrated and NON-volatile memory.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options.