Proximity encoder

It records each user’s information in the credential’s chip (cards, bracelets, etc.) and it reads the existing data.

It allows doing the following functions:

  • Card recording: Using the check-in, check-in copy, pre check-in, check out, record and/or erase master card options, we can record or erase the proximity cards.
  • Card reading: It allows reading the guests’ and hotel users’ cards.
  • Card erasing: It allows erasing the guests’ and hotel users’ cards.

Credentials: The proximity encoder communicates with the credentials through the 13,56MHz ISO 15693 and ISO 14443A (Mifare) RFID radio frequency. The credentials can have different formats: Cards, tags, watches, bracelets, etc.

New version, encoder with USB port.

Is it possible to use as a updater for reading and writing (R/W) system.