Wall reader updater

The 13,56 MHz RFID proximity technology allows the electronic standalone locks, besides to identifying the user, to write the information of the lock into the card as well as to write the information of the card into the lock and to transmit all this data to the TESA HOTEL management system.
It realizes different functions:

  • It allows to cancel the staff cards without using the portable programmer or inserting a newer card staff.
  • It allows to collect the events from the lock's audit trail using only the staff card, controlling the employees activities as: access attempts out of the shift, etc.
  • It allows to control the battery level without testing the lock with the portable programmer.
  • It allows to include new staff in the locking plan without reprogramming the lock.
  • It allows the multi-application with other programs such as prepayment programs, fidelity programs, POS, PMS, etc.
  • Door control. By means of a relay is unlocking the electromechanical lock: electric lock, electromagnetic lock, exit devices, etc.
  • It allows to use different formats for the tags.
  • Possibility to connect an open door detector and / or an emergency pushbutton for remote opening.