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Smart locks bring more fun to a family home plus…

...a relaxed life

Can a Smart Lock save me time?

We also have busy lives, we understand! You’re often not at home to walk the dog or water the plants. You’re on a business trip, or a weekend break, or in hospital (but we hope not). Thankfully, a Smart Lock help you let someone else in when you aren’t — while ensuring you remain in control of your front door at all times.

Can a Smart Lock make me run faster?

Exercise is good, we agree. But carrying keys when you are jogging rubs in all the wrong places. Do you want to listen to that awful jangling noise? And come home with holes in your pockets? With a Smart Lock, all you need is your smartphone — you’re carrying it already for music, right? — or a fob. Less weight on board makes you a faster runner. QED.

A Smart Lock makes you a better person

It’s a familiar story... running late, guests about to arrive or kids back early from ballet, then you hit a traffic jam. Relax! With a Smart Lock, you can create and send a digital key on the go, so they can let themselves in and make you a cup of tea / pour you a large brandy (delete as appropriate).

…more convenience.

Can a Smart Lock do the shopping for me?

I’m afraid not. But it can help out. Sometimes Amazon or Ocado deliveries come sooner than you were told, right? With a Smart Lock, you can let in the delivery driver to drop the shopping while you’re out, then revoke the digital key or PIN code when they’re finished. Genius.

A Smart Lock makes you smarter, too

Your loyal smartphone goes everywhere with you. It is indeed smart: it reads you the news, helps you socialize, checks the weather, tells you when to celebrate a goal and even buys your flight tickets. But, guess what... you still open your door with a prehistoric tool: the mechanical key was invented by Ancient Egyptians! Switch to connected living, manage door security with your smartphone, and get an instant cool upgrade to impress friends (and maybe even teenage kids).

A Smart Lock means you don’t have to look for your keys – ever again

You tell your partner and kids all the time: “look after your keys”. So, it’s doubly embarrassing when you lose yours. Running to get spares cut costs you time and money. This scenario should be a thing of the past: with a Smart Lock you can create, assign or erase digital keys in seconds from your smartphone.

…better security

Are Smart Locks genuinely safe?

Our Smart Locks are a highly effective, uniquely smart advanced security solution. Our powerful combination of innovative, secure digital technology and strong mechanical hardware has been crafted by decades of experience. The result: Smart Locks with proven and convenient security.

Whatever anyone tells you, no lock has a 100% guarantee. But we are the leading manufacturer of high-security locking products and access control for both homes and businesses. And we have been in the lock business for a very long time.

How safe is it to replace my trusted metal key with a smartphone and app? Is my data (and my door) secure?

It is in fact much safer to manage door security with a smartphone, because an app keeps you in control of all your digital keys at all times. You can never be sure how many copies of your metal key are floating around, or who exactly has one. Plus you can (and should) lock a phone. Your physical door keys probably don’t have a PIN or fingerprint screen lock...

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, you just download our app to a new handset. Then, with your own security code, you can transfer permissions to your new smartphone and cancel the old phone’s app.

A mobile app can be hacked, of course. But it is unlikely ours will be, because our Smart Locks use the most advanced encryption protocols to ensure high-security communications within the entire locking system. And your data is safe. All sensitive information is securely stored on the door unit on the interior side. Data stored by our locks is both encoded and encrypted, too.

What is a virtual key, and is it safe?

A digital key serves to open and lock your door — just like a normal key.

But the Smart Lock system is designed in a way that adds extra end-to-end security. On set-up, every Smart Lock system we sell has an administrator, generally one of the homeowners. The administrator can create and distribute digital keys for other users via the smartphone app. The app creates an encrypted digital key on the administrator's smartphone (and the lock itself) using a unique verification process. This allows the administrator to distribute digital keys and turn them off whenever needed.