How do old people want to live? TESA collaborates with Matia Foundation in the denominated Housgai Project


The Housgai project led by Matia Foundation and with the collaboration of 14 companies, with TESA as a key partner, actively looks for new care models that enable older people to age in their home.

As leading experts in security and accessibility TESA has participated in the rehab of an apartment located in Sestao (Biscay). The apartment entrance has been equipped with an automatic motorized door S1 Noosfera model, with a TX80 security cylinder and the E800 security escutcheon. The door has 3 independent automatic motorized locking points connected with an access control device that allows the owner to open the door in an easy and convenient way. 

A new collaboration of TESA with a project that aims to offer an integral solution that completely guarantees full accessibility without sacrificing any security!

A complete video of the Housgai Project in the following link: