At Madrid’s top business and finance university, SMARTair™ upgrades security, flexibility and user-friendliness

Access control challenges at CUNEF will be familiar to many educational institutions: how to keep the university site secure, yet still provide flexible, user-friendly access to an ever-shifting roster of staff, students and visitors? For glass doors, emergency doors, teaching rooms and private offices, SMARTair™ did the job—and without any need for expensive cabling or wiring.

SMARTair™ is an access control system perfectly suited to organizations making the step up from mechanical master keys. At CUNEF, students and staff now open doors with smart MIFARE RFID cards. With SMARTair™, CUNEF facility managers can tailor access rights down to the level of the individual user or door. If someone loses their card, there’s no security threat. Facilities managers issue a new card, and the lost card is automatically invalidated.

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