SMARTair™ delivers in Zaragoza — and now 30 more medical centres plan to switch to wireless access control

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Multiple key systems; varied openings including fire doors, glass doors, offices, pharmacies, car parks and lifts; plus hundreds of workers and contractors using different access systems and needing different, constantly changing permissions. Faced with these challenges, managers at Hospital MAZ, in Zaragoza, knew mechanical keys could not provide the 21st-century security their hospital needed.

MAZ upgraded their locks to SMARTair™ Wireless Online electronic access control, which keeps facility managers constantly updated about their premises in real time. 

Approximately 115 SMARTair™ escutcheons and wall readers now filter access to internal and external openings, including wooden and glass doors, fire doors and safety doors. SMARTair™ wall readers control hospital lifts, car parks, fire sectoring doors and the gym. Wireless escutcheons lock offices, kitchens, the canteen, pharmacy, archive and storerooms. 

This single, unified access system is controlled by secure, intuitive SMARTair™ TS1000 management software, installed in the central server and managed via client servers in different hospital departments. The SMARTair™ Web Manager runs inside any standard internet browser, with https:// protocol communication and SSL password encryption, and makes day-to-day admin simple. Adding or deleting a user via the Web Manager is easy: a couple of clicks cancel or amend a smart card’s access rights. So, unlike their previous mechanical key system, hospital security is not compromised if an employee loses their credential. 

And because the SMARTair™ Wireless Online system updates via communications hubs in real time, security managers can implement all changes via the central system, without needing to waste time walking through the hospital, changing rights one door at a time. Because SMARTair™ devices are wireless and battery-powered, installation and operation are inexpensive, too. 

Employee convenience has been greatly enhanced. Staff and contractors carry a single MIFARE® smart card programed with their constantly updated, individual access permissions, which they use to open authorised doors. Cards are delivered blank and then personalized to work also as employee registration ID, so 625 staff and approximately 100 contractors only need to carry a single card. 

"We have achieved all our objectives with the installation of the system,” says Miguel Angel Hernández Jerez at Hospital MAZ. 

In fact, the hospital is already planning to expand their SMARTair™ installation to another 50 doors. Already, 30 more centres in the same group are also planning to switch to SMARTair™ — all of which can be controlled by a central server. 

About Hospital MAZ: Hospital MAZ is a midsized medical facility run by one of Spain’s large work insurance mutuals. It has 120 beds and 625 employees, and offers different medical specialties including specialized surgeries and diagnostic tests. For more information, see