Reduced contact opening Solutions


In a public space, doors and door hardware are one of the most commonly touched surfaces. Cleaning and disinfecting all door hardware frequently is the most effective way to prevent germ transmission. We are seeing the emergence of innovations that respond to the need of ways to open and close doors without having to use our hands, through minimal contact or contactless openings.

One of those solutions is the OBERMATIC OBM505 door operator, a device that opens and closes the door and offers a total control for the whole process of the door. The OBM 505 operator, compatible with any type of door, offers total digital control over the entire door opening and closing path, as well as the most complete connectivity, making it possible to operate in different ways, all without having to use our hands to push or pull the door: with a motion detector, with an access credential, etc.

Our catalogue also has simpler solutions for accesses that do not require as much security, but do require a high level of accessibility. For example, roller locks that allow to open the door only by pushing it with the elbow.

Anyway, if you are looking for a simpler, cheaper and easier to install option, we have a device that makes possible to open the door with the foot. It is placed in the lower part of the door, whether it is made of wood, metal, glass, and has a drive up to the handle. To operate the handle, just step on the device, and thanks to it you can push or pull the door with your foot. Here we leave you a video with the operation and installation of this element.

For a residential property, the best solution to avoid hand contact with the door is the ENTR Smart Lock. This lock automates the entrance door and allows you to open it from the outside by simply pushing it after operating the lock with a remote control or a mobile app.

On the other hand, our range of finishes has an antimicrobial one for handles and panic devices, which acts on bactericidal strains by dismantling their metabolism and inhibiting their cell division. This finish is specially developed to prevent the spread of infections in sanitary facilities.

Finally yet importantly, OPENOW is an app that offers an ideal response to this new situation, which according to all forecasts, will last for a long time. It facilitates less contact between people and people and objects. In fact, keys and cards are now outdated. Thanks to the OPENOW app, users will be able to access meeting rooms, hotel rooms and other facilities to which they are entitled, via their smartphones using Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.