Code Handle for windows

The Code Handle for windows is an electromechanical handle with an integrated digital keypad that allows for simple and efficient access control of doors in patios/balconies and windows that open from the inside. No need to use cards, keys, credentials or any kind of wiring.

This handle is very easy to use – it is unblocked with a six-digit number by using the buttons 1 to 4 in the keypad, plus there is a fifth button for the blocking, which provides simple and efficient access control. The mounting is also very easy, without wiring or special drillings: it is mounted just like any other handle, and power supply comes from batteries.

This handle presents multiple features and functions that make it a unique product in the market. It is also possible to block the handle in various positions, for example at 90º for ventilation mode, thus keeping it blocked.

A very frequent application of this product focuses on children’s security. It is often difficult to be aware of everything that goes on at home; by having this handle mounted on your windows, you will prevent your kids from going through them while you are busy, which will spare you many undesired situations.

If you wish to purchase this product, please contact one of TESA’s authorized dealers. You will find the closest to your location on the following link Distributor finder.