TESA solutions for education

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The main concern in colleges, schools and student halls is how to provide students with a comfortable and safe environment. TESA works closely with these institutions through the integration of solutions that meet these specific security demands.

Exit ways

In colleges and other installations where large amounts of people gather, emergency exits must secure simple, easy evacuation in panic situations, with no need to compromise the perimeter security of the building's access points. Panic bars, door control systems or electronic access controls are a few examples of products that protect people's safety and goods security in all kinds of situations.

Entrance doors

Entrance doors in colleges or education centers must be convenient, secure and reliable, ensuring access to large amounts of people at all times. These entrance points act as the first contact with the center, and represent the building as a whole.

High traffic doors 

In high traffic doors such as those in classrooms, labs, etc. we recommend the use of elements that ensure a good performance, like for example door closers, with the purpose of neither leaving any elements open nor causing damages on the door itself.

Access control

In education centers, access control is key for making reservations of halls, labs, etc. and in the case of student halls, it is essential to ensure safety in the students' rooms and common areas.