TESA solutions for enterprises

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Installations in companies where we may find offices or factories present specific demands due to the presence of valuable stored data, their various environments, etc. Therefore, it is key to be able to adapt to all kinds of demands by offering the greatest flexibility to users without ever compromising their security.

High Security Doors

An access control system uses high-level encrypted identification technology capable of checking and granting access to authorized staff. The status of the door and authorized access may be monitored from a central spot.

Extreme conditions

In outdoors or manufacturing areas, security elements may be exposed to extreme conditions. Therefore, they must be able to endure anything and ensure optimum conditions. At TESA we supply a whole range of finishes and materials capable of resisting all kinds of extreme conditions and situations.

Exit ways

Emergency exits must ensure quick and simple evacuation in panic situations, without ever compromising the perimeter security of the building's access points. Panic bars, door control systems or electronic access controls are a few examples of products that protect people's safety and goods security in all kinds of situations.