TESA solutions for the healthcare segment

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Being able to combine security and convenience is a key challenge for clinics and hospitals. In a highly sensitive environment, with 24/7 operation, these premises demand customized security solutions.

Exit ways

Emergency exits must comply with current standards and ensure quick, simple evacuation in panic situations without ever compromising the perimeter security of the access to the building. Panic bars, door control systems or electronic access controls are just a few examples of products that protect people's safety and goods security in all kinds of situations.

Main entrance points

The main entrance to a hospital or clinic must absorb a high turnover of visitors, regulate the temperature in the entrance hall, ensure access to individuals with reduced mobility and provide an easy, safe evacuation in case of emergency. Door automation is the best way to meet all these requirements.

Patient rooms

Patient rooms are subject to a high turnover of visitors, nurses, doctors and maintenance staff. Antimicrobial treatment for handles is one example of the preventive medical steps we are taking in order to prevent the spread of nosocomial diseases.


Hospital pharmacies store drugs and hazardous substances, which demands restrictive access control and high-level anti-efraction protection.

Surgical units

In our continuous struggle against hospital-related infections, it is very important that surgeons’ hands are kept away from doors or handles before performing surgery. One available solution is the use of automation in doors with opening sensors.