TESA solutions for hotels

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Hotels must keep high-security levels due to the high turnover of visitors. As well as presenting a carefully designed environment, two of their main priorities are access control and security during evacuations in case of emergency.

Main entrances

The main entrance to a hotel is a busy spot, with guests constantly coming in and out. From that point, any visitor access the rest of the hotel, therefore this entrance point is the first protection line. 

Access to rooms

Making the guests feel safe is one of this segment's top priorities. By means of installing an efficient, reliable locking system, the hotel may achieve the required perception of safety and comfort for the guest during his/her whole stay. 

Exit ways

Emergency exits must ensure quick and simple evacuation in panic situations, without ever compromising the perimeter security of the building's access points. Panic bars, door control systems or electronic access controls are a few examples of products that protect people's safety and goods security in all kinds of situations.

Security solutions for rooms 

Guests must feel safe and completely at home in their rooms. Security solutions inside the rooms must be in keeping with the hotel's aesthetics, while at the same time protecting the guest's personal goods.