TESA solutions for sports facilities

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TESA provides complete customized solutions for virtually all kinds of sports installations or buildings. Our goals are user-friendliness and an optimum security level, which is why we are able to adapt to the demands of this kind of installations.

High-resistance products

Particularly in sports arenas, where riots may occur, it is very important to use highly-resistant security elements capable of avoiding access to restricted areas and ensuring the spectators' well-being.

Exit ways

In sports installations such as arenas or sports centers, where large amounts of people gather, emergency exits must ensure quick and simple evacuation in panic situations, without ever compromising the perimeter security of the building's access points. Panic bars, door control systems or electronic access controls are a few examples of products that protect people's safety and goods security in all kinds of situations.

High Security Doors

In sport premises it is essential to monitor and manage the access to different areas, both for the staff and the public in general. For this reason, an access control system uses high-level encrypted identification technology capable of checking and granting access to authorized staff. The status of the door and authorized access may be monitored from a central spot.