Where can I have a TESA ASSA ABLOY key duplicated?

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If you wish to have a key copy made from one of TESA ASSA ABLOY’s cylinders, you may face two situations depending on the type of cylinder:

1- Patented cylinder key: the patented cylinders from the TESA ASSA ABLOY range are TD5, ST6, TD60, T70, ST8, TK6, TX80 and TK100.

Only authorized centers can make copies of the ST6 and ST8, and only TESA ASSA ABLOY can make copies (at the company’s manufacturing plants) of the TD5, TD60, T70, TK6, TX80 and TK100 keys, which ensures protection from fraudulent key copies.

You will be able to identify the cylinder model by the propriety card – sometimes the key itself bears the cylinder model’s name.

In order to have a copy made of the aforementioned key, you must go to an authorized TESA ASSA ABLOY distributor and show the propriety card that came with the cylinder (without this card it is not possible to make copies and it is not possible to obtain a duplicate of the card).


2- Non-patented cylinder key: the non-patented cylinders from the TESA ASSA ABLOY range are TE5, T60 and T80.

Keys from these cylinders can be copied at any store that provides this service with no need to present any card – merely showing the key is enough.

At TESA ASSA ABLOY we recommend you to acquire patented cylinders that protect the key from fraudulent copies and prevent such intrusion methods as bumping.

Should you have any question, please send an e-mail to marketing@tesa.es