TESA Design


The principle of Harmony is the inspiration behind the development of our whole product range, from handles or door closers to panic bars. The whole of TESA’s range has been carefully designed and is available in a wide diversity of finishes.

1. Classic finishes with TESA’s total guarantee
Among the competitive advantages of our systems are the diversity and durability of the surface finishes in all our manufactured products. These finishes have been certified according to the most demanding standards, combining aesthetics and functionality.
For humid and saline environments, which tend to be particularly corrosive, we recommend finishes in stainless steel, chrome or our widely diverse range of enamellings. For indoors use, brass and nickel.
We also bring you a wide range of ‘customized’ finishes, producing handles, etc. with virtually any image, logo or finish that the project may require.

2. Special solutions
We also stock Bioproof treatments or CU+ alloys, which allow us to manufacture the right products for hospital environments, in which the prevention of nosocomial infections is extremely important. For health centers, hospitals, public transport, teaching centers, public buildings, etc. the ideal solution lies in antimicrobial fittings, which eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses from the surface and prevent disease transmission.

3. Lifelong protection: PVD
PVD (short for ‘Physical Vapour Deposition’) is a surface treatment that provides the treated element (handle, electronic lock, etc.) with extraordinary solidity, thus allowing for a much longer life cycle without any alterations – just like the very first day.