TESA Regulations


If the products are not what they are meant to be, they will not behave the way we expect them to. This may bring undesired consequences, which in some cases may involve fatal risks for individuals or goods. At TESA we are extremely serious about current standards regarding our products, bearing in mind that these products have been designed to perform for many years in the doors on which they have been fitted.

1. Certifications
In 1994, TESA was the first company in the industry to obtain the ISO 9001 certification (which examines the Quality of the design, manufacturing and marketing processes of locks for buildings).
Also a leader in environmental awareness and sustainable development, in 2001 TESA was one of the first 100 Spanish companies to receive the ISO 14001 certification.

2. Standards
Our products abide with current standards. Each category (locks, cylinders, door closers, panic devices, etc.) includes products that have been tried and tested in order to certify that they meet the requisites of durability, resistance and security demanded by applicable standards.
You may download here the catalogue with certified products.
3. Quality brands
Saying that you are meeting standards is not the same as actually meeting them.
La marca N de AENOR es una certificación adicional que TESA se autoimpone para asegurar que todos y cada uno de los productos que llevan dicha N cumplen los requisitos exigidos por la norma de acuerdo a la que están certificados.
AENOR’s ‘N’ mark is an additional certification that TESA has self-imposed in order to guarantee that each and every product bearing the aforementioned ‘N’ meets the requirements demanded by the standard according to which it has been certified.
AENOR’s ‘N’ for certified products ensures conformity with these standards. Products that have received this mark have been subject to diverse evaluations and controls in order to test their conformity with applicable standards. In order to certify each product or product family, AENOR develops its own particular certification system describing standards and specifications applicable to the product, as well as particular regulations and required procedures.