Openow™ - The most intelligent mobile solution for your hotel doors

Openow™ - The most intelligent mobile solution for your hotel doors

With the Openow ™ solution, customers and hotel staff can access their rooms and other access to the hotel to which they are authorized, through their smartphones.

The app communicates with the locks through Bluetooth Low Energy BLE technology (Bluetooth low energy).

Advantages of the Openow ™ system:

For the guest:

  • Avoid having to queue at reception. Once you start your stay at the hotel, the necessary accesses will be activated on your smartphone automatically. In case you need some more access, you can request it without going down to reception.
  • Avoid worries about the loss of the key / card.
  • Automatic check out.

For hotel staff:

  • Savings on physical cards when not needed with the app.
  • You can enable / disable access to different spaces of the hotel via online.
  • Avoid having staff at reception 24/7 to deliver cards to the guest.
  • The management times in the reception are reduced.
  • The check out is automatic. Once the client's stay at the hotel ends, the access will disappear from his smartphone automatically.
  • You can cancel the app key in real time.
  • Sustainability: lower environmental footprint when dispensing with plastic cards.
  • Customizable with the hotel / chain logo.
  • Allows room changes.
  • Allows to assign late checkout remotely.

With the app you can open:

  • Spy and Spy Design locks.
  • Wall readers.
  • Proximity cylinders.
  • New range of i-Volution locks.