C-Tec cylinder

Cilindro c-tec TESA Hotel
Cilindro c-tec TESA Hotel
Cilindro c-tec TESA Hotel
Cilindro c-tec TESA Hotel

El cilindro electrónico C-tec de TESA Hotel es el único sistema de control de accesos que puede combinar amaestramientos de cilindros mecánicos y cilindros electrónicos con chip de contacto. The electronic cylinder C-tec from TESA Hotel is the only access control, that allows to combine master keying on the cylinder with an electronic contact chip.

Main features:

  • Using only one intelligent key you can open the chip cylinders as assigned in the matrix

  • You can open TESA standard mechanical cylinders, mechanical masterkeying available

  • Intelligent key option with RFID function, to use in mechanical cylinders, c-tech and proximity locks or wall readers, everything with one credential/ user.

  • Compatible with Read & Write technology, collects events, key cancel, update the locking plan, etc. everything in the same electronic key, no need to use PP

  • Compatible with Read & Write technology: collects events of the lock in the card, cancel masterkey, updates the locking plan, battery level, update cards, etc. Combined with the updater, it creates a virtual online net without wiring doors

  • Up to 1500 users and last 1000 events

  • Data transfer from cylinder to key is encrypted

  • EXTREME option: for extreme weather conditions

  • Combine different electronic locks, electronic cylinders and mechanical cylinders in your installation

  • Data on key is protected and cannot be copied