Spy with Keypad

Spy teclado TESA Hotel
Spy teclado TESA Hotel

Spy lock with keypad is the perfect solution for unattended receptions. It allows to the guests to access directly to their room using a personal PIN, without the requirement ofstaff at reception. In addition to the code for the keypad, it allows to use RFID proximitycards as well as smartphone opening:

Main features:

  • Pin opening: the system automatically send an email to the guest includingthe PIN code that will enable the access to his room and the common access (same code). This code will be valid only during the guest’s stance. PIN code is automatically cancelled at check-out. Staff can use different PINcodes.
  • Smartphone Opening – Openow BLE: the user gets automatically from TESAHOTEL a virtual key in Openow app that allows to access to his room and allthe common access (using Bluetooth technology) during his stance.This solution is also available for the staff of the hotel or installation
  • Self-programming solution with keypad: it is an easy-to-use and cost efficient access control system for small hotels. No need to install any software or buy any management system, the simplest and cheaper solution. The kit of programming cards allows registering or cancelling proximity card users (up to 500) and PIN codes (up to 100 different PINs from 4 to 6 digits)