Spy proximity electronic lock, the ideal lock for any installation. The ideal choice for any installation. Its aesthetic, wide range of finishes/handles and its external dimensions helps while installing in any type of door and for any ambient.
Main features:

  • Lock virtually compatible with any mechanical lock on the market   
  • Proximity Technology: credentials required to open the door can have different formats: cards, bracelets, key ring, sticker, etc.    
  • Read & Write technology combined with Updaters creates an online virtual network in the hotel without wiring doors 
  • Total Wireless online control    
  • EXTREME (optional): waterproof model capable ofresisting all climatic conditions    
  • The lock is protected by sealing joints; its parts come with an anti-corrosion finish, tropicalized circuits, watertight wiring ducts, finishes in Chrome, PVD, etc    
  • Compatible with mobile phones using the Wireless or Openow app (BLE)