El lector Actualizador de TESA, el complemento perfecto para el sistema de lectura y escritura aportando además el control de puerta online

Características principales:

  • Tesa Updater, the perfect complement for the Read & Write, adds control of online door

    Main features

  • Wall reader for Read & Write systems

  • Wired via Ethernet to the Server, collects events of the lock and saved in the cards

  • Write on the cards the locking plan modifications

  • Allows cancelling masterkeys without PP or without going to the lock to present a new card.

  • Collects the battery level of the locks where the card has been presented

  • Activates new masterkey users, without updating locks with the PP

  • Control with 2 Updaters entrance/exit with emergency button and door sensor

  • If communications with Tesa Server are interrupted, it turns automatically into local mode