The ideal solution for hotel with no 24 hours reception

The Check-In Pin solution allows guests to access their room with no need for reception staff, making it the perfect solution for small hotels or tourist flats that cannot have a 24-hour reception.

Thanks to the SPY Wireless lock with keypad, the system automatically sends the guest an email with the keypad PIN code that gives access to the room, as well as the date/time of entry and exit and the room number. The PIN code is automatically cancelled on the day/time of check-out and is validfor opening both the room and the common doors of the facility to which theguest is given access. It is also possible to send an Openow virtual key that will allow the guest to open the doors with the Smartphone. In addition, hotel staff can have their own PIN codes to access the doors.

Main features:

  • Quick and easy installation, no wiring

  • Real-time door control (wireless system)

  • Real-time reports

  • Encrypted and secure communications

  • Automatic alerts via email (low batteries, accesses, intrusion, door left open, etc.)

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