Turn the Smartphones into room keys

Openow makes it possible to manage all accesses through the Smartphone. Valid for both hotel guests and staff, it allows not only to open the room doorwith the smartphone, but also the common areas, parking, gym or any door equipped with Openow technology.

Openow speeds up the check-in and check-out processes, as it is not necessary to receive the room card or to revoke it in the reception. The process is very simple:

Maximum comfort for your clients, maximum savings for your hotel.

This solution provides real time information: authorized accesses, attempts of openings, lock battery levels, door open alarms, intrusion, etc.

Main features:

  • No need for 24 hours reception
  • Send, revoke and update virtual keys in real time
  • Significant cost savings on physical cards
  • Change the room or the checkout time remotely in the guest app
  • It minimises the hotel’s ecological footprint by reducing the plastic use
  • It is possible to personalize the app with the hotel name/logo, improving its image
  • Virtual master keys accesses changes in real time

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