The ideal solution for small hotels with no need of software or management equipment


If you have a small hotel that needs a simple and economical solution, the Standalone system is the one for you. You will not need to install any access control software or management equipment, so you will manage the permissions with no computer. This offline system is the simplest way to control the accesses to your hotel without the complexity and expense associated with a more complex system. In addition, it is scalable so if you need a more complete system later on you will be able to update it without having to change the locks.

Available with a keypad option.

Main features:

  • Access permissions update with a programming card that initializes the locks and allows to register and revoke the permissions

  • It is possible to register separate keyboard codes

  • You don't need a management software...

  • ...but you can upgrade your hotel to a full read and write system laterif you need it

  • Kit to open the locks with no battery. It includes an emergency card

  • Secure cards communication

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