Full door remote control in real time with no wiring costs.


The Wireless Online system is the most complete solution to manage and control your hotel doors. An advanced web server based system that allows a total remote control of locks, wall readers or proximity cylinders through any device with internet access. The locks and software communicate in realtime, instantly collecting all the information recorded on the locks and instantly updating any changes made in the software database.

In addition, this system allows to update any of your read and write offline locks to the Wireless Online system in a fast and economical way.

Main features:

  • Real time control
  • Encrypted and secure communications
  • Real time reports
  • Real time door control (openings, lockings...).
  • Automatic alerts via e-mail    
  • Instant access permission updates with a single mouse click.
  • Anytime remote opening with the web server or the TESA HOTEL app.

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