The TK100 cylinder is now available for master keying


TESA ASSA ABLOY incorporates its top model to the range of the master keyable systems. From now on, the TK100 is among the options in the Brujo express service, which allows the delivery of orders in 24/48 hours.

The master key systems are an increasingly demanded solution in residential or institutional buildings due to their benefits in terms of comfort and security, both for the end user and for facility managers. TESA ASSA ABLOY has been working for years to offer the widest and most complete range on the market, and now that effort makes possible to master key TK100 high security cylinder.

The TK100 is the most complete and robust cylinder and completes a master keyable high security cylinders range that already had the TX80 and TK6 as reference models. The offer of the master key systems is completed with the TD60 as a very solvent solution in medium security and the TD5 as a basic range cylinder.

It is important to note that all the master keyable models are patented, which means that the key copy is protected and can only be obtained if the owner shows the property card. The key blanks of these patented systems are not distributed on the market, and all these copies are made in the factory, which reduces the risk of fraudulent duplications and guarantees the quality of the original key.

TESA ASSA ABLOY is the leading brand in master key systems, with 80 years of experience. Its patented proposal (unique in the market), together with a close and highly qualified technical-commercial support, facilitates the work of installers and distributors, as well as being a guarantee of security due to the control of the key copy.

TESA ASSA ABLOY cylinders comply with the most demanding European regulations. All this is based on the use of the best materials and manufacturing technologies in its national production centres, which ensure the durability and reliability of its products.