Automatic armoured door

The Automatic armoured door is aimed at replacing existing entrance doors to the house. It has several elements that provide the door with extra security.

Main features:

  • Cylinder anti-extraction escutcheon.
  • TX80 high security anti-bumping cylinder so that if you leave the keys in the lock on the inside, it can be opened with another key from the outside.
  • The three locking points are automatic and when the door is closed the high and low points are automatically locked by means of hooks, providing protection even if you are inside the house.
  • Panic exit handle that immediately unlocks the latch and hooks from the inside.
  • For high traffic of people.
  • When closing the door, it will be locked at 3 points automatically without the need to operate the cylinder.
  • Leaf consisting of welded and reinforced steel structure.
  • Can be panelled with different types of panel.
  • Lacquered overlapping steel edging strip.
  • Automatic high security multi-point lock.
  • Adjustable reinforced strike.
  • 3 adjustable security hinges.
  • 6 anti-leverage bolts.
  • Automatic draft stopper.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options.