Premium armoured door

PREMIUM TESA Armoured door
PREMIUM TESA Armoured door

The Premium armoured door is an armoured door for the upgrading of existing doors. It is the entrance way to the dwelling and features a 4th degree antiefraction certification that ensures security. It features a double antiremoval escutcheon that helps to prevent one of the most common break-in attempts: cylinder removal. The lock features five locking points and a high-security antibumping TX80 cylinder, which significantly increases security.

This door presents a feature called 'service mode' by which the owner receives five 'owner' keys and three 'service' keys, thus allowing him/her to lock the upper point and deny access to service keys at any given time.

Another highlight is the fact that it makes use of the existing frame, significantly reducing woodwork expenses. It also features a frame covered with wood or varnish that can be split into panels. This provides a wider range of decoration choices with different panels.


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