CT2500 door closer

The CT2500 is an articulated arm door closer that stands out for its great versatility and state-of-the-art design.

  • Suitable for doors up to 1100 mm wide and weighing 80 kg.
  • Three adjustment valves, two of which allow adjustment of the closing speed while the third provides a brake during opening.
  • Certified for use in fire doors according to UNE-EN1154: 1996 + A1: 2003.
  • EN2 - EN4 force range in a single model.
  • A single hole position for any force.
  • Adjustment of closing speed and latching.
  • Opening brake (only model CT250034).
  • All valves are accessed from the front and are hidden by the metal cover.
  • Model CT2501 with door holder (not suitable for fire doors).
  • Reversible.
  • Hold-open adjustable to any position, by means of an interlocking system in the articulated joint.