Electromagnetic Rim lock

Electromagnetic locks operate just like any regular lock, but electrically monitored instead, which provides additional security. The provide silent security, since the lock is monitored magnetically and does not make any mechanical noises.

TESA's electromagnetic rim locks are neither mounted inside the frame nor on the leaf, but on top of them. In brief, they represent a  good option when easy mounting is required, since there is no need to drill holes on the door.


CEM600SS0F model

CEM600DS0F model

CEM300SS0F model

Optional accessories

» L-shaped plate: for the installation of electromagnetic locks in narrow profiles.
» Z-shaped plate: for the installation of electromagnetic locks in inwards-opening doors. 

High range

Mechanical features:
» Reversible.
» Stainless steel watertight box.
» It can be installed in glass doors.

Electrical features:
» Voltage: 12 or 24Vdc (auto-selector).
» Consumption: 350mA (12Vdc), 175mA (24Vdc).
» Precision winding for quasi-unlimited duration.
» Absence of magnetic remanence (“close lean door” effect), which makes it user-friendlier. 

SCGG030SS model

SCGG054SS model

Optional accesories

» Glass doors accories: consist of a base plate (SCGGDB00S) fixed with an adhesive (SCGAK600S) onto the door.