Traffic handle

In developing these models of handle for institutional buildings, TESA has applied a completely innovative methodology for the design of new products. The original aesthetics of these handles is a consequence of the tastes and trends demonstrated by the different actors in the market for high-end and quality handles identified in an intensive study.

Main features:

  • Withstands 500,000 operating cycles.
  • The springs are compression springs so that their housing is guided.
  • This ensures that the system continues to operate even in the event of spring breakage due to fatigue.
  • Very high resistance to breakage and excessive play.
  • Grade 3 tests according to UNE-EN1906.
  • Suitable for fire doors.
  • The mechanism is screwed to the handle and escutcheon.
  • All the parts are held together by the special M14 x 1 nut, which guarantees that the handle never falls off.
  • The models with roses have 8 different positions for through bolts, allowing them to be used with most of the locks on the market.
  • They can be mounted with TESA panic bars from the Universal, Push and Top ranges.
  • Easy reversibility that allows you to easily convert a right handle to a left handle and vice versa.
  • High-quality materials.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options.