Traffic handle

Manilla Kubika
Manilla Kubika
Manilla Obbal
Manilla Sena-I
Manilla Tundra
Tirador Sena placa cuadrada
Manilla Kubo
Manilla Planho
Medio pomo en placa larga
Pomo plano
Manilla Sector
Tirador Sena placa cuadrada
Manilla Vector
Manilla Xara
Manilla Zafira
Manilla Zafira
Manilla Zafira

For the development of these handle models, TESA has applied a totally innovative method in terms of new product design. After intensive research, the original design of these handles has been motivated by the tastes and trends detected among the main players in the market of top-range, quality handles.

These handles combine very special and unique features in terms of resistance, security, flexibility and high-quality materials. The Kubika and Obbal models also feature a unique, non-removable system.


The Traffic series of handles is made up of different models of designs that can be adapted to any environment:

  • Kubika
  • Obbal
  • Sena-I
  • Tundra