Solid handle

Manilla Solid
Manilla Solid
Manilla Bucarest
Manilla Dublin
Manilla Estocolmo
Manilla Estocolmo
Manilla Madrid
Manilla Oslo
Manilla Oslo
Manilla Praga
Manilla Yalta

The Solid handle range consists of several different handle models in long plate and rose plate. The main feature of this range is the fact that it is made of brass, being very versatile and featuring great resistance. Its exclusive five-year warranty, both for operation and for corrosion resistance in the whole range, is the best reliability test that any product may undergo. 

The SOLID series of handles is made up of different models of designs that can be adapted to any environment:

  • Praga
  • Dublin
  • Bucarest
  • Madrid
  • Estocolmo
  • Oslo
  • Yalta

Praga              Amsterdam           Dublin

Estocolmo        Bucarest               Oslo