Other accessories

Front dust cover
The TESA ASSA ABLOY front dust caps are intended to protect the cylinder from dust and dirt that may cause deterioration of the mechanism over time.

Main features:

  • Avoids entry of dust and dirt.
  • Protects from possible deterioration.
  • Suitable for off-centre cylinders from standard 605 and Mini security ranges.

Fastening plate
The fastening plate accessory serves to keep the cylinder secured in the lock. It can be fitted by means of holes or with spikes for wood as can be seen in the photos.

Sealing caps
The sealing caps are useful in installations where the lock is exposed to water, such as outdoors or in swimming pools. It is advisable to use these types of caps to prevent water from entering and leading to wearing of the lock over time.

Two sizes available depending on the lock head diameter:
  • Large: for locks with a 25 mm diameter head.
  • Small: for locks with a 22 mm diameter head.

TESA ASSA ABLOY escutcheons are optional accessories for situations where we need special measurements or simply to change the escutcheon due to deterioration or wear.

There are two different models, conical or straight, and within these there are different sizes and finishes available to adapt to the specific requirements regarding thickness and the design of the installation.