Security range Mini-plus

The mini-plus security range is the ultimate in security for bolt locks.

Main features:

  • There are different models, some with 6 pins and others with 8 pins, which demonstrates the level of security provided by this range.
  • All of them can be master keyed, some allowing up to 120 units per master key and others up to 1,700 units per master key.
  • All models include 2 reversible nickel silver dimple keys, and the most secure model in the range includes the 2 keys with a patented system.
  • Cams are sold separately for all models in the event of deterioration of parts.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options. To mark the 30th anniversary of the Mini Classic lock for vending machines, games, tobacconists, etc., we launched the Renove Plus Plan to replace this historic lock with an evolved version designed for present day requirements: the Mini Plus.