Cylinder padlock eCLIQ N318

The aCLIQ padlocks are used for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Depending on the version, they can be integrated into locking systems.

Main features:

  • It allows the closing of gates, chains and all types of machine.
  • Electronic padlock WITHOUT batteries.
  • Power to the chip and motor is provided by the key, which does have a battery.
  • Unlocking the padlock using an eCLIQ key with authorised access allows the locked device to be opened.
  • Manufactured to work in extreme environments with regard to temperature, humidity and salinity.
  • IP68 certificate allows continuous immersion in water.
  • Shackle height 25 mm. Optional: height of 50 mm.
  • Shackle thickness: 8 mm.
  • Operation from -25°C to +85°C.
  • High strength shackle made of boron steel.
  • Valid for potentially explosive environments.
  • The key cannot be removed when the padlock is open.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options.