Programming Key eCLIQ

The eCLIQ programming key is the one that starts the system in the CLIQ WEB MANAGER program. Each programming key has its security PIN and does not allow the opening of cylinders, only the programs.

Main features:

  • CR2032 lithium battery. A special tool is not required to change the battery.
  • Required in order to be accredited in the CWM (Cliq Web Manager).
  • It is inserted on the left side of the PD (Programmer Desk).
  • Reprogramming cylinders: add or remove keys, groups of keys or access profiles from memory.
  • Reversible key. With LED (green and red) and sound.
  • IP67 certified, which allows temporary immersion in water.
  • Steel bit, resistant to aggressive environments and suitable for potentially explosive environments in Zone 1 (II 2G Ex ib IIB T4).
  • Temperature range: between 0°C and 60°C.
  • Key with base and cover in colour red.
  • Encryption of communication between the key and cylinder: AES 128 bits.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options.