The eCLIQ system

The eCLIQ is an electronic system that allows you to use the same key in different cylinders. This allows the use of custom access permissions and if the key is lost it can be canceled so that nobody can make use of it.

Product description

  • Unique and locking system encryption
  • Optional enhanced drilling protection
  • Combination of electronic and and rotationally-secured cylinder halves possible
  • Optional emergency mechanism with emergency key
  • Free rotation angles (optional)
  • Integrated chip to store access authorisations and events log
  • Operational temperature range: between –25°C and +85°C
  • Maintenance-free for up to 200,000 cycles
  • DIN EN 15684/2013-01
  • VdS and DIN approval
  • Optical and acoustic signalling for access entitlements, time zone and battery status
  • Reversible key: always fits, no matter which way it is inserted into the cylinder
  • Integrated standard battery (lithium cell CR 2032) for about 30,000 locking operations (for about 3 years of service life)
  • Protected against temporary immersion in water (IP67)
  • Optionally available for use in potentially-explosive atmospheres in Zone 1 (II 2G Ex IB IIB T4)