Intentional contactless microwave sensor

Intentional contactless sensor DA021
Intentional contactless sensor DA021
Intentional contactless sensor DA021
Intentional contactless sensor DA021
Connection diagram DA021
Connection diagram DA021

The DA021 is an intentional contactless microwave sensor. Its main use are hygienic applications where the lack of contact with the sensor is   required and also comfort reasons in hospital environments, hotels, restaurants, in the retail and pharmaceutical industries and in logistics.

Main features:

  • Detection area adjustable between 10 and 50cm
  • Concealed installation and homogeneous detection thanks to the radar technology
  • Easy opening solution for low energy doors used by people with disabilities
Technology Microwave motion sensor
Radiated frequency 24.150GHz
Radiated power density <5 mW/cm2
Detection range +/-10 a 50 cm if movement towards sensor at 90º (adjustable)
Detection mode Motion (bidirectional)
Speed of target to create detection Min. 5 Hz o +/-3 cm(s, max. 200 Hz o +/-1,2 m/s
Supply voltage 12 - 24 V AC +/-10% 12 - 24 V DC +30% / -10%
Mains frequency 50-60 Hz
Power consumption <1,2 W


Max. Voltage

Max. current

Max. switching power

Relay with switch-over contact (free of potential)

48V AC - 60V DC

1A (resistive)

30W (DC) / 48VA (AC)

Output hold time 0,5 s (in PULSE mode)
Temperature range -20ºC to +55ºC
Degree of protection

IP30 with cable connected

IP40 flush-mounted without front face

IP52 flush-mounted with front face and silicone seal mounted in surface mount box

Material ABS / PC
Colour White
Recommended wiring cable Stranded cable up to 16 AWG-1,5 mm2
Norm conformity

R&TTE: 1999/5/EC

EMC: 2004/108/EC